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Translate your website with wpLingua!

unlimited translation

What is wpLingua?

is a WordPress plugin designed to break language barriers and open your website to the world. allows for 1-click translation of your website content, making it accessible to an international audience.
unlimited translation

How it works?

intercepts page content and analyzes HTML and JS code. It discovers all texts, translates them and makes the pages multilingual. This approach ensures compatibility with most themes, plugins and page builders such as Gutenberg, Elementor, Divi…

wpLingua features to translate your content

One free translated language

For free, allows you to translate your website into the language of your choice with no word limit.

Easy configuration

No worries configuring the plugin. No need to code. Simply request your free API key, you will receive it by email.

Machine translations

No need to translate your website manually. Install and wait, your website is automatically translated!

seo friendly

SEO Friendly

The most important thing when translating your site is that it can be found by search engines. optimizes the indexing of your site’s pages in the translated languages.
easy settings

Edit translation

allows you to automatically translate your site, but you maintain control and can modify each translation manually.

unlimited translation

On-Page Editor

You can edit a translation directly from your pages using our visual editor.

customizable switcher

Custom language switcher

The language switcher is fully customizable: choose from a lot of themes or import your own icons. You can also choose its position or display it using a shortcode.

smart exclusion

Smart exclusion

Exclude translations by CSS selector to avoid translating parts of a page or by URL to exclude entire pages. Simply use our exclusions manager.

Ready to translate your website?

Did you know that is a free plugin that automatically translates your site?
And the premium version unlocks amazing features!

Languages ​​currently available

currently supports 8 languages. Others will be added soon. You can send us a message if you would like to suggest languages to add.



translate in french


German language


translate in italian


translate in japanese




translate in chinese


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The wpLingua interface in action

Enter API Key

Once the plugin is downloaded, installed and activated, register your API key

Choose Language

As soon as your API key has been registered, your site is multilingual. This option screen allows you to configure your languages ​​and their flags, as well as activate the functionalities

Choose design of switcher

Customizing the language switcher, enable or disable auto-insertion + choose position or use the shortcode.

Exclude translation

You have the possibility to exclude pages or parts of pages.

Edit translation manually if you need

If you need, you can edit a translation directly from your pages using our visual editor.

Edit all translation on the page

You can access the list of translations present on a page, including those which are not directly visible (Meta SEO, texts, alternative images, title attributes, etc.)

Edit string

You can edit all translations of your website

Tranlations are stored on your website

All translations are stored on your WordPress site

Coming soon…

Some features are under development. Soon you will be able to enjoy it!



Feature to translate your WooCommerce store.

email translation


Automatically translate all emails sent by your site.

search translation


Enable visitors to search your site in their own language.
automatic translation


Allows you to translate the slug at the end of your URLs.